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Problems you can face while not having an SSL on your site

Security for the website owners is the foremost concern. The major way to attain is to use HTTP hosting. This provides your website with a completely protected environment for it to communicate between the browsers and other websites. HTTP world can get technical to understand.  For HTTPS to work, it needs a certification called SSL(Secure Sockets Layer) which is integrated on the web server. The fundament role of establishing this is for the encryption and authentication of the transferred data. This confirms how important it is to use SSL. This article sheds light on why SSL for SEO is important and what can be the possible problems if it is not installed on your site.

1-Becomes vulnerable to cybercriminals

SSL is an effective way to pass the information securely from a random source to the destination server. This makes all the information encrypted to protect it in the transport medium. Either it is some password, username or number if you don’t want anybody else, or any intruder to read it then SSL fulfills that purpose. If you don’t use SSL then the sensitive information will become readable there breaching the security concerns of the data. The hackers especially are way clever to find the flaws in your network.

2- Conforming to the compliance by PCI

PCI (Payment Card Industry) compliances refer to the standards that must be followed in order to qualify for the acceptance of credit and debit cards on your site.  There are certain obligations that need to be passed and the basic requirement which they ask from their clients is the use of SSL. PCI is particularly interested in playing its role against the phishing attacks and it firmly believes that in order for the company to gain online ground footing it must be possessing an SSL certificate.

3- Aids in ranking

Google is the unnamed king in the world of web. Google’s changing algorithm dictates the importance of the SSL. The SSL was primarily used to increase the trustworthiness of a site. But with the changing algorithms and indexing system of Google, The importance of SSL has shot up in an SEO sense. On-page SEO has become a lot more competitive because of the very reason. If you don’t switch to SSL today then you might have trouble making your website crawl up to the equivalent HTTP pages.

4-Lack of trust among your viewers.

The SSL certification is extremely visible with the green lock icon in the URL address bar. This standalone feature speaks volume of the visual trust that can be linked between the viewer and the website. The customer gets sure of the fact that their all kinds of inputted information is safe in the hands of the website be it their pin, photos, documents etc.

5-Proper Authentication

HTTPS main concern is to provide the website owners the layers of security for protecting the information through TLS (Transport Layer Security). This helps in verification by viewing the information is being sent to the right server and not an imposter. If you don’t have any validations and verification phases then your site may not rank up on its proper place.