Ecommerce Store Design

Ecommerce website design is different and requires many considerations, unlike any normal design. Scorpion SEO realizes all the factors which can make it boost high up in the rank. User engagement, site performance, and the backlinking process can get a lot to handle by a single person or any entity. Hence, our dedicated professionals not only aims to showcase you on top.

We create a strong basis for your online business by ensuring that your ecommerce website works in real time, is efficient free of bugs and give a robust performance.

With mutual consent, we can add the standardized and customizable features to make your E-commerce goals come true. Our emphasis is tailoring your e-commerce web design so it can bring you at a higher edge than your rivals.

Redesigning of e-commerce website design

This comes as a specialty of the scorpion E-commerce to consider revamping whenever the need arises. Many different factors of redesigning are kept in mind by us. It may include designing it from the scratch or customizing the functionalities. Scorpion SEO makes these additions and develop the site to increase its credibility and usability for its client’s traffic.

Setting up the scalability

Our aim is to make a calculative and achievable goal for your website. This will help your customers to gain more control over their choices and it will aid them in trusting your site even more. Our team spends considerable time in scaling, for all the uncertainties are kept in mind to cater the unforeseen thing. It comes handy the most during e-commerce website development. Considerable time given to plan out the 3-5year targets and strategy are devise likewise. We also keep in mind the extra support that may be required to incorporate the complex features for the future.

Maestro at designing the responsive designs

The designers are particularly concerned about how the website is going to behave when the customers want to avail any of the website’s feature. Our team makes sure whether the website is viewed from the web or the mobile, the traffic should be held intact. It the duty of the design makers to make it simple. Easy navigation, payments, and checkout are all necessary elements of it. We implement responsive designs with the complex tools we own like Episerver CMS and other which require extra configuration.

We make your traffic trusts you!

Making and convincing the visitors to buy your products involves a lot of customer trust. If the site does not support its own credibility and security then it can never attract the client. Hence that is why Scorpion SEO keeps the security above everything else and deem it as an essential too. This is done by us with the help of:

  • -Using SSL: This encrypts all the data that needs to be remained hidden and secured from the irrelevant people.
  • Meeting PCI compliance: This is the agreement for any business and website which receives the debit or credit card payments.